Electric karts

Electric karts and tracks - attraction with high returns

The electric-kart facility is also one of the attractions of each leisure facility and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Children of all ages do their races on the individually planned route and quickly show their racing fever.

Experience has shown that the invested costs amortize very quickly due to the strong use of this attraction. Thus the high returns provide a financial basis as well as a reliable predictability.

The electric kart facility consists of the kart track and the electric karts. Each route can be implemented by modular elements. Dead spots or low indoor sections which provide too little space for large and tall facilities can be uses well and economically.

The safety track matched to different vehicles consists of individual parts which are 1 m long and which are linked together. Tight radius curves can also be achieved in this way. After the fine-tuning of the track the parts are firmly anchored to the ground. The integrated impact protection and the safety enclosure round off the safety claim. The electric karts are equipped with either a coin or a chip mechanism and are available in different models. Two-seater models are suitable for the younger children accompanied by an adult. The automatic shutdown magnet ensures that the electric karts stop after an arbitrary travel time in the start and finishing area.


Advantages at a glance:

  • attraction of high yield
  • safe operation without staff
  • individual route
  • also suitable for low parts of the hall
  • attractive design
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Electric karts
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