High Ropes Courses

TOP attraction for all recreational facilities


The CETEC-high ropes adventure course is suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation.

All 3 models offered are made of steel and can be thematized individually so that they insert perfectly into your park.


Triangle-High Rail - New 2012 !



In all models the platforms serve as intermediate stations to allow the passage of other participants or to serve as a resting platform to linger. The exercises to be overcome are built between the supporting individual modules. Here many different levels of difficulty are possible.

A continuous safety-system ensures the highest security and also gives the participants the opportunity to move freely in the plant. Another transferring when entering a new exercise is not required.

Due to the central entrance and exit area, in which participants receive the harness and are trained briefly and then are hooked into the system, all 3 models can be operated with minimum labor input. Optionally, for example in larger plants, a second entry and exit can be realized.

With the help of the integrated safety system, even high capacities can be handled with minimum labor input. This leads not only to low maintenance costs but also to a high return on investment.

With many design options, such as the color of the metal parts and the type and material of the exercises, each model can be added perfectly to the operational concept.

A one-day training of the operating persons is carried out on-site by our experienced staff.


The advantages at a glance:

  • top attraction with high return on investment
  • TÜV inspection on site
  • installation by our qualified staff
  • safe operation with minimum staffing by the continuous system
  • varied design options
  • widest possible audience due to different levels of difficulty
  • system size can be planned individually according to customer wishes by the modular design
  • training of local staff on site



Abenteuer Dschungelland, Weißenhäuser Strand
Bullermeck, Alfsee
Lalelu Abenteuerland, Korbach
Trampolino-Schalker Sportpark, Gelsenkirchen
Trampolino, Hilden
Rhön Park, Tann (Rhön)
Sportpark Harsefeld, Harsefeld
Pinocchio Erlebnispark, Mannheim
Hansapark, Sierksdorf

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