Robust attraction with saving in space

The monorail is a robust indoor and outdoor attraction. The two-seater gondolas in helicopter design hang freely in a closed rail system. The clear view of the surroundings almost gives the impression of floating in a helicopter. The modular rail system supports a variety of routes and lengths. The monorail can be integrated individually into every new or existing installation.

The drive of the gondolas is via pedals and is designed so that younger children can bring the gondolas ahead without too much exertion. Even short kick breaks are possible due to free running without the pedals turning. The invisibly integrated shock absorber prevents the collision of the gondolas.

The Monorail is mostly for children aged from 4 to 12 years. The simple seat adjustment also enables the adults to accompany their children. Access is via a staircase with a large pedestal in the entrance and exit area.

The automatic locking and unlocking of the doors when moving in and out allows operation without additional staff. The safety nets under the entry and exit area provide the necessary security when entering or exiting.

In addition to the standard modules individual designs and adaptations to existing installations are possible.

Numerous color combinations are possible due to individual colors of all steel parts and the availability of the vehicles in different colors. Thus the monorail fits into the theming of every new or existing system.


The advantages at a glance:

  • safe operation without additional staff
  • strong attraction for all ages
  • prefabricated construction also permits the use below the MONORAIL
  • maintenance by wear resistant drive unit
  • integration into every existing installation with individual routes
  • attractive design possibilities
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