Planning of an indoor playground

With many years of experience, we help you to realize your idea of a own In- and Outdoor game park:.

Our team assists you with the individual steps of planning your indoor playground:

Valuation a suitable location:

At first you have to find a suitable property (for example indoor tennis center, warehouse, tool market) with enough parking space for assessment of a suitable loacation for your indoor playground. At your hall selection you have to be careful that the rent is adapted to the ratio ot the location and the expected dales potential. You have to consider this point for financing and financial viability (fixed costs) Over and above that involve possible reconstructions measures at your hall selection (financing).

A further important aspect of the right location of your indoor playground is the existing competitor's situation in the region or the vicinity and the expected customer potential.

In addition to this good transport links are important.

Creation of the whole concept:

If you have found a suitable indoor playground, the next step ist the compiling of a suitable playground equipment according to your ideas and your budget. On this occasion we discuss with you how you stand out from your competitors.

Possibly required themes can be integrated into the concept. At planning we take care that the selection of the playgroundequipment is varied and that the children get different challenges. So children have new opportunities even if there is big rush at the equipment. Long waiting times should be avoided.

The creation of the whole concept includes the creation of a floorplan by means of modern CAD-technic and a visualized 3D-representation.We advise you how the flow at the entrance and exit area, in the kitchen area, in the catering areas as well as in the birthday-boxes can be made useful. Necessary reconstruction measures are also considered.

Financing, application and approval issues:

Our elaborated plans and documents are an important part for example to apply for necessary use changes at offices respectively you can use them as a basis for discussions with financiers.

It should also be clarified whether fire protection requirements must be met.



  • the creation of the overall concept (Floorplan / 3D images)
  • financing, application and permit issues


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